Tuesday 8 October 2013

Sponsor Wa Lamin Carnival Gambia 2014

In association with 'Wa Lamin Village Facebook group.'

 Developing, fundraising, creating programs and events to help address local challenges, supporting and partnering with education and development workforces to overcome the critical, pressing needs within the Lamin village community.

The objective of the fundraising program: Drive group members collectively in their duties and responsibility to achieve progress and success in the process of a non-profit organisation to help address these three areas;
  • Funding community programs,
  • Serving critical needs in the areas of health and human services,

  • Education and community development (providing high-performing youth and local community development amenities/facilities, thus creating a vibrant emerging entrepreneurial marketplace.

  We developed the Fundraising program in response to the need for a unified, developed and progressive Lamin village to face the challenges of our local communities. We're proud to say that last year Lamin Village carnival became the 's largest community music jamboree (fun day) turnout ever held in Lamin village. However, we intend to build on last year's success by asking members to donate early so we can plan more efficiently and deliver accordingly. We are seeking Donations to buy sellable Printed Wa Lamin Village TEE shirts, Carnival Plastic Whistle Necklaces, horns Food and Drinks, street décor Garlands and to cover miscellaneous expenses like guest confectionaries and refreshments.

Please support the cause donating is easy, click donate

 <<<<< Lamin Support fund donations
Facebook Group:

To all persons based in the United State willing to donate, please send your donations to account details below:

Account Name: Ebrima Conteh Bank Name:Chase Bank Account number: 2912978210

To all persons based in the Scandinavian and other parts of Europe willing to donate, please send your donations to account details below:

Account name: ELIMAN JALLOW Account no: FI64 4055 4720 075371 BIC KOOD= HELSFIHH Bank name: AKTIA

To all UK based persons willing to donate, please send your donations to UK account details below:

Account name: Miss M Drammeh Account no: 957621 Sort code: 60 07 32 Bank name: Natwest Bank Mobile # contact: 07799202526

Please inbox via fb upon depositing your donations to alert me so I could publish your name and amount donated unless you want to stay anonymous.. we will honor all your wishes.

  Thank you for your donations and generosity. Please Donate early so we could buy carnival products in time for shipment to get to Lamin village on time. Thank you all. Please enjoy Lamin village 2013 Carnival youtube clip below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRfXnN-D9h0 WA LAMIN VILLAGE 2013 CARNIVAL - THE GAMBIA www.youtube.com



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